Sanjeevani is a voluntary organization working for the cause of suicide prevention. It was started under Jeeval Prachoditha Human Welfare Trust, a body dedicated to social service activities in Thiruvananthapuram on  14th  June 2015. It is a non-sectarian, non-religious, non-political, non-profit making organization that consider selfless service to humanity as its life goal. Sanjeevani is a member of Befrienders India which comes under Befrienders Worldwide, an international organization recognized by  UNO. It has 401 centres spread over 60  countries.  32,000 trained volunteers work under this banner world over. Befrienders  India has 16 affiliated centres.In Kerala we have four centres, at Kochi(Maithri), Kozhikkodu(Thanal), Paravur (Pratheeksha) and Sanjeevani (Trivandrum).

Sanjeevani is dedicated to the cause of Suicide Prevention and our tool is Befriending. Befriending means being a friend, particularly when one needs support. We try to be a friend of emotionally disturbed people, listen to them with empathy, remain non-judgemental, and maintain absolute confidentiality. We deal with people who are suicidal and are caught in a conflict between the will to live and an urge to die. At this point of time of ambivalence, if there is someone who can listen and understand the person’s feelings and accept him unconditionally, he can unburden himself from the pain and may get back to the mainstream of life.

At Sanjeevani we are approached not only by people who are suicidal but also by people who are distressed or depressed. We offer unconditional emotional support to all. The centre is run entirely by volunteers who are carefully selected and trained to handle the emotional needs of the person during the crisis.

Our befriending services are free, strictly confidential and the identity of the person contacting us is protected. Over 400 distressed people have contacted us since its inception.

Anyone can contact Sanjeevani, over the telephone or in-person between 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on all days except Sunday. We may also be contacted through letter or e-mail.

HELPLINE 04712533900

Email: sanjeevanitrivandrum@gmail.com